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Pure Plant Oil Generators  

Sustainable Power Generation with Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO/PPO/WVO)!

Our Vegetable Oil Generators are operated with Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO, PPO,e.g. rape oil, canola oil, colza oil, soya oil, sun flower oil, hemp oil, palm oil, jatropha oil, ...), clean Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO), clean used cooking oil or common Diesel fuel.

Model from 14.5 kVA
to 505 kVA

used vegoil aggregat generator
Model 8 kVA
3-phase 400V
Multifuel Generator 3 phase 400V
Model 6 kVA
single phase 230V
single Phase Multifuel Generator 6SP
Model 3 kVA
single phase 230V
Multifuel Generator 3 SP single phase 230V 


Download pricelist multilfuel aircooled generators from 3 to 8 kVA

Please note: our generators are for off-grid / isolated operation only.

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