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Conversion from Diesel Engines to run with
Pure Plant vegetable Oil

  Why pure natural plant oils use as a fuel?

  The idea to use pure natural plant oils as fuel for diesel engines is as old, like the diesel
  engine it self. Rudolf Diesel already, one hundred years ago did run his first engines with
  oil and other liquid fuel.

  By crossing the oil peak in 2007 its not realistic to hope for cheap fuel prices. In the future
  the price of diesel oil will be higher and higher. Alternative, ecological neutral fuel will be
  more important in the future.

  Pure natural plant oil is an good value to mineral diesel oil.

  Plant oil is a cheap fuel, that helps you keep your money. Plant oil will be produced in the
  region where it will be consumed. This gives the regions the chance to protect the nature an
  earn money with an regional-  business- circulation.

 Why conversion?

  Pure vegetable oils have a higher viscosity and and flashpoint as mineral diesel or estered
  vegetable oils (biodiesel). So vegetable oil has to be heated up for consumption in diesel
  engines. Not preheated vegetable oil gives problems by starting the engine and is negative
  for the power and the living time of the engine. Cold, viscous vegetable oil stresses the
  injection-pump an will be not effective and completely consummated.

  By longer using the unconsummated rests of vegetable oil gives depositions in the engine.
  By heating the vegetable oil it will be more liquid and fit as well through the fuel system like
  diesel. This gives a perfect consumption without any troubles.

 HeiPro Vegetable Oil Kit

 HeiPro one of the most successful providers in the european market for eco-fuel-systems
 offers his proved two-tank-system  inclusive oil-pre-heating. The most durability and
 low-priced solution for run diesel engines with naturally vegetable oil. In separate types
 deliverable, fits on almost all diesel-vehicles and -engines.

   All major components are included:
 - Electrical switching unit (switching to the gas, rinse / ventilation) and an integrated heater
   (Diesel-Therm)    SVO PPO WVO conversion System Kit fuel alternative to Diesel
 - Control electronics (diesel - quick rinse, warning when off on vegetable oil)
 - Heat exchanger for water / oil circuit
 - Fuel lines 
 - Fuel filter 
 - Cockpit panel for plant oil / diesel with LED's all operating conditions signal
   and audible warning when off mode in vegetable oil
 - Complete manufactured cable set with relay sockets, plugs and fuses
 - Suspension fuse with a fuse 16A
 - various small material (hose clamps ,.....)
 - Detailed installation manual
 - TUV - Documents and ABE

 The main- tank will filled up with vegetable oil, the additional
 tank will filled up with mineral-diesel.

 The electrical switch unit switch between the main-tank and the additional tank and
 manages deaeration of the fuel-system. To protect the cold engine and the injection system
 the engine will be started only with diesel fuel.

 By reaching the running temperature will be switch to vegetable oil by using an switch.
 This gives a smooth change in the fuel supply to vegetable oil. The heat exchanger heats the
 vegetable oil in the in combination with the fuel-heater to an optimal
 combustion temperature. This heated eco-fuel relief the injection -pump and injects out of
 the injection nozzles finest sprayed vegetable oil. This gives an easily ignition, a more
 completely consumption and  saves by the way fuel and is careful to the engine. This you
 can feel, hear, see and it smells less.

 As long the engine keeps running-temperature, it can be started by vegetable-oil modus. If
 the vehicle will be parked longer than an one hour switch short for parking back to diesel.
 An automatic quick rinsing rinses the fuel-injection-system in a very short time with diesel
 oil and gives the safety for a good start of the cold engine.

 A short signal tone reminds you by parking the vehicle to rinse the fuel-system with diesel.

 Our Conversion Kit is usable for all kind of Applications with diesel engines. To choose the
 right conversion kit for your application, we need the operation voltage(12/24Volt) an the
 maximum consumption of the engine per 100km or in 1 hour.

We offer conversion systems for small to large diesel engines (to 1000 kw power).
It can be installed in diesel engines of all application
, cars, trucks, busses, ships, generators and more...

conversion kit SVO smal diesel engines converting
Vegetable Oil-Kit
-up to 15 Ltr. Consumption or up to 75 KW      and
up to 40 Ltr. Consumption or up to 250 KW


converting Diesel Emgines to run with pure veg plant oil

Veg Oil Conversion System
up to bis 500 kW motor power


alternativ diesel fuel vegoil PPO SVO WVO conversion

Veg Oil Conversion System
-up to bis 1000 kW motor power

  We offer training for conversion to natural fuel and are looking for partners worldwide.
   For further informations.... contact us...!



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